About Wyatt

Wyatt’s a bit of a doorknob, but people in his life have come to terms with it.

He’s a constantly ageing Canadian human, and his problem is that he’s interested in everything. Wyatt works at FreshBooks, reads too slowly, and walks all over the place. He’s learning to play ukulele, guitar, FL Studio, piano, and air drums. He’s reading a lot of philosophy and science fiction. He’s got a long-term goal of blind-solving three rubik’s cubes while juggling them. He is often found asleep. He has been rumoured to write computer programs and short stories.

Wyatt graduated from the University of Guelph, interned at Microsoft in Washington and Google in San Francisco, and is slowly getting better at solving problems. He’s done some other stuff too, like administrate networks, assist teachers, assist researchers, flail at voice acting and student radio broadcasting, master ceremonies (at least a few), sell electronics, labour for bricklayers, preside over societies of computing and information scientists, and master dungeons. Probably more too, but he’s a forgetful son-of-a-gun.

Wyatt loves to meet new people, but he’s not good at it. He writes rambling things that don’t get to the point, then scurries away from the task of editing them down. Please, do email him at carss.w@gmail.com or comment on things here regardless. It would make him very happy, but you may not ever find that out from him directly.

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