...so satisfying!

circles a vision from outer space -- using minsky circles
scroll generates a scrolling pattern of random colours. clicking flood-fills with random colours.
hex generates a spinning, panning, skewing hex/grid/circle-cycling, paintable canvas of some sort. Give it some time -- it has a few modes to show.
outzone a bouncing ball that emanates colours in response to arrow keypresses
windy a breeze blowing the leaves -- clicking will scatter them and sometimes cycle the colours.
vines streaks of colour cross drifting bulbs
audiocraft a very-slightly modified version of matt deslauriers' work, audiograph.xyz
splort just colours
forest a bunch of triangles
What Colour Is It? a better version of a colour clock than any other one ever -- click outside of the text to make the text go away
clock the frontpage clock's old development page.
milhouse gif a milhouse gif I liked. Covering a whole page.
milhouse justice CAUTION: LOUD -- the same gif as above, with an auto-playing, looping soundfile from planisphere
"new" a nauseating experimental homepage with bonus broken links