Our Corporate Vision

We will do everything.

Everything that everyone does, they’ll do it through us. Email, music, notes, chat, storage, web browsing, we will do all of it.

We’ll combine all of the disparate services you and everyone else use, and all of the different data bits you have on all of your computers, and we’ll deliver it to everyone in a better interface than any of the other jokers out there can manage.

We’ll by default be sleeker and faster and easier to use and more powerful, but we’ll also expose a rich programmability to allow power users to have total control over their environment and information. They’ll be able to share and modify each other’s improvements and help everyone who uses us become better.

We’ll let you use whatever storage backends you want — we probably can’t compete with them on price — but we will encrypt everything we get as it comes into us and as it goes out and we’ll only store the encrypted data for backup purposes for customers and we won’t ever look at it, and we will utilize a law enforcement requests canary and whatever other means we can to protect our and our users’s privacy and rights.

We’ll make our service available on every platform in every way imaginable — iOS, Microsoft, Android, FirefoxOS, our own custom mobile OS forked from Firefox’s, webapps, desktop clients, web browser extensions and even our own web browser and operating system.

We won’t just think different. We won’t just not “be evil.”

We will be everything, to everyone, and not just organize the world’s information, but give it back to them neatly folded on demand and guarantee them that we never ever fucked with it.

When we have made ourselves indispensable, when we have paid back our investors 10x their input and guaranteed ourselves financial independence, we will set the whole thing free and operate it as an international non-profit organization devoted to the global betterment of computer technology and its availability.

We will become a fundamental utility, and we will make ourselves universally available for free, forever, as soon as it is possible to do.

Free as in libre, and free as in beer.