About Wyatt

Wyatt Carss solves problems with computers and helps people.

He’s got a nasty habit of to trying to fix things — or at least trying to understand why they broke. He’s an amateur author, musician, philosopher, scientist, artist, game-maker, electrical engineer, voice-actor, sportsball-player, hiker, sleuth, travel-guide, and entrepreneur. He’s a┬ábit of a doorknob, too, but people in his life seem to have come to terms with it.

Wyatt interned at Microsoft (on Office) and Google (on Webkit) as a youth, acted as President of the Society of Computing and Information Science at the University of Guelph, and as Senator for the Bachelor of Computing Degree, and won an Innovation Guelph Award of Excellence from the Guelph Chamber of Commerce for creating and participating in The Guelph Seven to showcase the local spirit of innovation.

He later worked at FreshBooks for a little over five years, and recently left as Team Lead of the Payments dev team after completing a successful multi-year journey to PCI compliance, among many other adventures in vendor integrations, API development, billing systems, and front-end features for FreshBooks’ millions of users. You can read his resume here (pdf) if you want to re-live these thrilling paragraphs in more detail, with a beautiful layout.

At present Wyatt is doing some travelling (first time out of North America!), learning some exciting new things, and figuring out a great next step. If you know what that should be or just want to say hi, please leave a comment here or send him a message at wyatt@wcarss.ca!

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