You know it, big guy.

This website is just a place for me to test out a bunch of colours that I've experienced on The Colour Clock. It's a great way to get some exposure to some rarely seen colours, and now I'm testing them out in a more static fashion. You might see some crazy stuff here, but I'm excited to play around and see the results.

The rest of this tet may as well be meaningless, because I'm just going to type kind of aimlessly so that the page

Yep, gonna type a whole bunch here because I'm just the kind of guy who types things. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and bing bang tippity-tap I just go to town typing like nobody's business. I'll type up reports and thoughts and muses, I'll type scientific documents in formalized notations and I'll type computer programs. Sometimes with the most absurd appendages! Like my knees. I'm such a master badass typist that I've typed out scientific reports FIRST THING in the mornging with just the caps of my knees. Wacky, no?

But we won't stop there; let's go crazy with all this typing woozlewazzle: Sometimes I type things up in my sleep. Yes, you heard me correctly, I will doze off and in my slumber spit surreptitious sorts of sounds into seamless streams of strings - characters, that is! I'll rappa-tappa, kaching and all that until my fingertips melt and my knuckles break, without even realizing that I'm doing it. That's how fantastic my prowess with the board of keys. That's how golden my beholden hands can be.

Man... what the hell is wrong with me? :P