Sickness sucks.

I spent the last week sick with a bad flu. I always imagine that getting sick for a big block of time will be great for reading or watching TV or doing some kind of online course or something, but in that imagination I fail to account for the following issues of the flu:

  • flu-people have no motivation for anything, even peeing or hydrating or breathing
  • flu-people are in constant discomfort and just want to close their eyes
  • flu-people can’t focus on stuff, even if they want to
  • flu-people smell and are sticky and sweaty and ick
  • flu-people think pretty slowly, and mess up some pretty simple logic

So my mighty plans were foiled! But now that I’m getting past it I feel renewed vigour and just feeling ‘normal’ feels comparatively great.

So what do I do now? It’s that perennial problem – I might need a philosophical response to it that just kills the whole question. Being interested in everything to the point that nothing can hold my attention for more than 48 hours is wonderful in its way, but it has made me into a massive dilettante.

I think I found at some earlier point that I find motivation in seeing other people do cool stuff, which only happens when I feed more input into my infohoppers – more commitment to consuming lots of diverse media sounds good. Also, easing barriers to making stuff.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back in the waking world. Next stop: not coughing and sneezing on everything. (there may be some time before we reach that stop)