Things I've worked on

This is a collection of code-related things that I made or messed around with.

games a few javascript games I've made
processing a flowing-tile demo I made in processing.js
js keytar a js-based synth keytar I made, with some recording/looping functionality
finder like tinder for satellite images
What Colour Is It? a better version of a colour clock than any other one ever
ochat Some weird chat thing
bitmaps Some ruby code for bitmaps? likely old coursework
clock the frontpage clock's development page.
canvases playing around with js canvases long ago
forest just triangles.
weird ipsum I write some strange things as filler text...
dashboard an incomplete dashboard prototype I made for a work hackoff
digital a test of CSS to format text like the DEC logo
duly noted incomplete bootstrap protptype for a note-taking app
finder-try a failed attempt to rewrite finder using flask and bootstrap
(it turns out that configuring nginx to serve python out of subdirs isn't trivial)
tileset-demo a mozilla game example I've tinkered with a bit.
greplin contest some (probably bad) subset-finding ruby for a programming challenge on greplin's website, from 2010
Mathy a math-practice game my friend Scott made, that I messed with somehow
milhouse gif a milhouse gif I liked. Covering a whole page.
milhouse justice CAUTION: LOUD -- ytmnd-like: the same gif as above, with an auto-playing, looping soundfile from planisphere
"new" a nauseating experimental homepage with bonus broken links
new index a less-nauseating experimental homepage, focused on blog presentation
reducto a word-game based on the sounds of letters
Shreg, Shrog, Shrug I originally just wanted to be able to paste into places, but redirects made this more fun.
Simple Blog Dev Log one day this will point to the blog, but I haven't hosted the blog itself yet. Just the blog log.
Status a rarely-used status page that is really just enormous gifs with a few words
"Twitter Video" a never-completed start on building some kind of "twitter... for video" application
conceived of before vine launched! (no one cares)
Trello Boards some now-defunct experiment that connects to the trello api
test-auth trying out .htaccess to protect a page
"tycho" apparently I felt like this was artistic
Walking The Dog a weird html choose-your-own-adventure game I set to making one day
time.c an old program I wrote as an alarm-clock
assorted code a catch-old for all the old code I found hanging out in my public_html folder