Short Literature Review / Presentation

Conducted a short literature review and I gave a presentation on it; may as well send it into the aether.

The review is titled “Networked Social Communication”, as that seemed like the best semi-formal description of what I’m looking into. The papers were really interesting, but there wasn’t really a lot of stuff focused on “what could be done to make social chat better”, which is what I would like to do. The result ended up being pretty much what I expected, which is that Twitter is great, but could stand to be better for collaboration. While it manages to support conversations, the best support for them is found in third party layers built over top of it.

So it leaves me with the question of, “How can we do to Twitter what IM did to email?”

(paper, presentation)

One thought on “Short Literature Review / Presentation

  1. What IM did to email??! What /did/ IM do to email other than make it so much more attractive? I would tend to points of dissidence overall, except for insecurity sprung forth from the loath of some of my correspondents to using email! Speaking of which, did you get my telegraph? 😛

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