Possible Parallel Projects

Tuesday, November 1st: 12:01 PM

I am considering two possibilities for my project: an n-dimensional parallel prefix scan OR a ruby library for pilot for my CIS 3090 project… I’ll list some pros and cons!

n-dimensional parallel prefix scan:

  • may be less work
  • would be super cool
  • could be really useful
  • teaches me some math
  • teaches me some algorithms


  • really hard; I might not be able to do this
  • could be a lot of “hidden work”
  • risk doing this “wrong”
  • might just not be very fast!

2. Ruby port of pilot library:

  • have to get to know pilot intimately
  • easy to incrementalize
  • open source project to maintain
  • get way better at ruby


  • have to get to know pilot intimately
  • probably a ridiculous amount of work
  • not very “original”


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