The God Particle pp. 201-231, Ringworld pp. 101-131, Time to go house 61-91

Those are the pages I _should_ have read tonight. Instead, I stayed at work to set up a cool event for tomorrow. I didn’t get home until about midnight, and I started reading then while I ate some cheese and crackers. I got 30 pages of God Particle done. It was about the history of particle accelerators. I learned some cool stuff about cyclotrons and synchrotrons and Big Science.

I will have to find time to read 60 pages of ringworld and time to go house tomorrow, because there simply is not enough focus in my possession at this point at night to practice speed reading effectively.

This is a major lesson that’s been getting bigger and bigger this week: don’t leave reading for “after the rest of my life” at night. I have to do my best to read — yes, to speed read — throughout the day, or this won’t work!

Goodnight 🙂

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