NaNoWriMo prep

I’m planning to write a novel. I don’t know what about, yet!

“But Wyatt,” you say, “you may lack the ability to write a novel!”

Indeed, I may. So I’m doing a lot of preparation. My prep work follows a pattern similar to that laid out in the 100 pushup training regime. For five days, I wrote a 250 word short story each day. I have just written my second 500 word story, and will continue for 3 more days. Then 1000 words for five days. Then I’ll try a 5,000 word story in 3 days. I’ll do that twice. Then I’ll do 10,000 words in 5 days over and over until it’s November.

This should get me used to writing about 2,000 words of slightly edited prose per day, which is what’s required to hit 50,000 words across the month of November.

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