It bothers me that no one updated the page

Just looking at aaronsw’s stuff. “If I get hit by a truck…”, from 2002, is a neat read. I don’t have much comment (I certainly don’t have plans for what should be done in the event that I am hit by a truck, however proverbial) — I just kind of wanted to say somewhere, to somebody (even you, Dear Reader) that it’s upsetting to me that at the bottom of that page the footer says “I’m not dead yet!”.

The guy’s dead. And he directly asked that the page’s footer be updated to note what’s happened if something happened. That’s not the kind of thing that you don’t do.

Maybe no one has permissions? I hope that’s it.

Update: I reached out to the person listed as being responsible, and he was extremely accommodating to some random internet passerby asking about a fairly personal thing. His response made sense — estates are complex things to deal with, and there are often both a lot of things to do and a lot of things keeping them from being done.

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