Hello from Hong Kong!

I’ve just migrated hosts and this blog is now running on a different operating system, web server, php version, and database version, and all of its content got pooped out into a file and slurped back up in between, so I need to make a post to test that things are actually working.

So far so good! By the way, I’ve been travelling for the last few months and am presently in Hong Kong. I’m leaving tonight to go to France, and will likely head home in the next month or so via a few other euro-countries. So far I’ve been through some limited spots in England, Iceland, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), and China (Shenzhen). Lots of amazing things to see, but it’s been just about enough whirling of the winds!

In other wyatt-tech-news, I’ve been working on a tetris clone on and off while travelling, which you can play with here if you’re so inclined.

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