Making my own LikeaLittle, but better

Step 1: Make plans to do other things so this feels urgent
Step 2: Make a turkey pie
Step 3: Stare at likealittle and come up with a database schema
Step 4: Make the db schema in a rails app
Step 5: Write some controllers and some simple views
Step 6: HTML stylin’
Step 7: Add stuff.


Edit: Just gonna add my progress as I do it.

1 and 2: Done!
3: I think I need a status message and a category, and maybe users as well. A user will have many statuses, many “interests” (more on that later), a password, and a name. A status will have content, a date/time, a category, and a few extra fields. A category will have a type, “this class…”, “You’re a…”, “#fml”, and “STUPID PEOPLE” – maybe I’ll add more. Just those for now. They’ll dictate which fields are used by the status, things like “subject” and “number” for the class, “hair colour” and “sex” for You’re a, and so on. People can post fmls relevant to a campus, STUPID PEOPLE complaints about the idiots they ran into – kind of like an angry missed connections, ‘you’re a’ will be everything that likealittle is, only give a few extra-ish options, maybe? And “This class” can be for anything – complaining about a prof, discussing study plans, or just venting.

Now I’ve got to remember how to / find out how to make this in my db! I’ll do that shortly — going for a walk with a friend and buying some christmas gifts.

— upon return: An unfortunate twist of events! It turns out that I am sick. Hopefully just a short cold and these aches and soreness will retreat. Sad day.

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