What just happened and what’s up next

Friday: Exam invigilation and Tron; exams officially ended.
Saturday: Migrated the blog/site from home server to Linode box
Sunday: Reformatted home box and installed Rails properly.
Monday: Tons of Rails tutoriallage.
Tuesday (today): I’m going to build Likealittle. Better.
Wednesday: Gonna make a Tile Engine in OpenGL, and head home to see family
Thursday: Use / Extend the tile engine, make a simple game-thinger. Maybe a platformer? Visit an old friend, too.
Friday: More OpenGL, I’d imagine, and some Christmas prep.
Saturday: Christmas woooo (and… chrono trigger?)
Sunday: Learn You A Haskell For Great Good
Monday: Probably still Haskell
Tuesday: Going to build something fantastic with Haskell. Who knows what!
Wednesday: Beginning Android Development again. Gonna get a demo 3D program running.
Thursday: Going to write a simple tile-engine based off of my OpenGL one.
Friday: Make it into a game. It doesn’t have to be good, just has to /be/. Also, visiting with more friends! New Years and a birthday party.
Saturday: Relax with friends.
Sunday: Travel home, review my progress, and decide how to proceed for the remaining week or so of holiday.

Good luck, me. Remember that, throughout that, you are to be reading your book and learning math. You’re only doing easy mechanical stuff; just keep it up.

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