the longer I live, the more I want to automate
the more I realize the shell is all I need

I mean, I just spent 15-20 minutes optimizing some stuff I do every day about a hundred times in windows only to realize that most of it would have been easier to do if I were just running a unix-based system. Without a GUI. :/

but I love to play videogames with good driverssssssss

2 thoughts on “Automatons

  1. You have no idea how exciting it is to know that it’s not just us elderly folks living in the shell! I don’t know how people survive on computers without a proper shell environment.

    • My time in windows is about evenly split between web, putty, and vlc; everything else is tantamount to “travel time”.

      On the bright side though, most of our friendly unix utils have not-awful windows binaries. Key exception is make; it’s kind of ugly to get going.

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