McDonalds, you diabolical

Working all night at school sucks, because you’re far away from home and you inevitably run out of snacks. And you get lonely! Sitting in a dark lab hacking all night feels great sometimes, but it can totally be a drain to be in a cave.

Working all night at home means there’s plenty of snacks around and you’re comfortable – there’s housemates, too! But there’s one showstopping bug in this solution: bed. It is so, so easy to wander over to that comfy, warm bed and nap. And naps when you’re tired and it’s 4-5 AM turn into sleeps. Often, they turn into missed stuff you were supposed to do.

If only there were some compromise… For me, as of very recently, there is. It’s a place I never liked when I was a kid; a place designed to trigger impulses and grow fat on people. Billions and billions have ‘been served’ by it. Yes, my local McDonalds restaurant is what I’m talking about. They’ve just moved to 24 hour service. Let’s break this down.

Cheap tasty-but-not-healthy food (unlimited free coke refills.)
A slow trickle of people all night long
background music and noises and things
Power outlet
free wifi
2 blocks from home

This is literally the sweet spot. I want to zoom in on the ‘2 blocks from home’ bit for a second. It’s probably the most magical part of this. You see, school is awful in large part because it’s a 30ish minute walk from my house. At 4AM when I decide I’m done, and I just need sleep, there’s this awful choice between waiting for buses, walking the whole way home, or sleeping at school (not fun any more.)

At home, if I hit a good momentary stopping point and lean back onto my bed, I wake up in the mid-afternoon. The 2 block distance is about 5 minutes’ walk. It’s not terrifying, but I wouldn’t pop back home without some serious thought.

And around 6AM, they switch over to the breakfast menu and I get to have hash browns.

I’m lovin’ it. Also, I’m really tired. 🙂

(it would be really cool if mcdonalds paid me for writing this or something. In hash browns.)

One thought on “McDonalds, you diabolical

  1. The best part of this post is the tag “neurotic overthought”. I should make a t-shirt that says that. And a mental note _not_ to wave when I am plastering the place with peta flyers at 3am rofl. jkjk that wasn’t me.

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