Reminder: Tau Day

Given the present date, I feel it’s the perfect time to remind everyone that, yes, while Pi is a wonderful thing and an interesting curiosity to be thought upon, perhaps there’s an even better way. Since reading the Tau manifesto a year or two ago, I’ve come to be quite convinced that it’s just .. well, right. It’s a deep down feeling – so I’m going to link anyone that happens across this and ask that if you are willing to do me a favour today, make that favour be to read this fantastic bit of mathemeaningful sensism: The Tau Manifesto.

Right all the way ’round.

Sudden thought: I know very little about the historical stuff about Pi. I should pick up the Princeton Companion to Mathematics sometime and scan across it; I bet it’s interesting. Maybe there’s something in there that explains why Tau isn’t such a good idea after all.

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